“Craig is a true professional! We have hired him 4 times over the past few years and he is ALWAYS a smashing success at our events! He comes prepared, his communication before/after is perfect, his personality shines through and everyone truly enjoys his magic. He has also prepared new tricks each time we’ve had him at a client event. He really is the highlight of our events! Thank you so much Craig for always being an amazing entertainer. You truly ARE Magic! “

Sherine Beltran


“My office hosted a cocktail hour event for around 150 clients and Craig was the talk of the party! Some of our employees and attendees were still talking about his show the next day. Craig is really easy to work with and definitely made a positive impact at our event. Hopefully we will have another occasion to work together again!”

Megan Van Vorst

“I don’t even know where to begin…Craig is truly impressive and one of a kind!!

He performed at a large corporate event that my company put on, and we were drawn in by all of the commotion at a nearby table.  Trick after trick he had everyone completely in awe!  Even the biggest naysayers standing around were unable to make sense of what we were seeing right in front of our eyes.

Of all the activities the firm had at the event, this was by far one of the most talked about and memorable events.  When we got back into work after the weekend, my team was still talking about his show so much that the office asked Craig to come back to perform another small show for a few people that missed his show.  To this day, I still have no idea how he did what he did–it was truly magical to watch.   Thank you so much again Craig for sharing your talent with all of us!”

-Katelin Henley



“I am not one that usually goes for the “magic show” but found myself mesmerized by Mr. Martin’s performance at our table. It was fun to watch as my friends and fellow attendees attempted to “see” what they were missing. For me their reactions to the show were priceless.”


-PMI Portland President

“Craig really dazzled us at our companies 50th anniversary!  In the morning we were all still trying to wrap our heads around his performance.  It was amazing!  I highly recommend Craig and would give him 10 stars if I could!!  Super fun time!”


– kristina olson


“Beyond your remarkable skills as a magician/illusionist, your ability to involve crowds and lead their attention to our products and services is truly “magic”

-Bradly D.Finch, General Manager 



“ I saw your entertainment act a couple times while in Kuwait, and truly enjoyed everyone of your performances. You had the entire audience mesmerized by your act. I commend your talents and skills as far above standards which makes a great magician. I would highly recommend you to any program that requires great entertainment.”

-William D. Frink, Jr, Brigadier General, US Army Commanding, Kuwait



“ Craig Martin was extremely personable and capable of getting your message across. I calculated that out of 1000 attendees I reached approximately 750. My agency gained valuable business contacts at this trade show and I stood out from the rest of the crowd because of the ties between Craig’s Magic and my business message.”

-Bob Fay, Bob Fay Insurance Agency 



“Your presentation was both informative and inspiring as well as great fun for all attendees. We are still getting letters and comments from the attendees. Thank you for your contributions to the success of the conference. ”

-Lester E. Washington, Area Director of Loss Prevention



“I know from the response concerning your performance that most everyone will remember your wonderful magic tricks for years to come. Your skills and techniques are only shadowed by your personality and charm. during your interaction with our guests.”

-General Echols, Promotion Manager 



“ I just had Craig perform at my company holiday party and he was AMAZING! We were literally blown away the entire night. He is funny, entertaining, a true magician and a class act. I HIGHLY recommend The Magic of Craig Martin for any event.”


– Suzie Weaver, Executive Assistant of OEG, an MDU Construction Service Group



When it comes to magic in Portland OR, I have 30 years of experience with coordinating and planning and entertaining at events around the world. An extraordinaire slight-of-hand magic that will blow your mind!! Let’s make your awards banquets, trade shows, and company parties an unforgettable event.