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For companies and event planners in the Knoxville area, adding a touch of magic to your corporate events, gatherings, or galas is now as seamless as a card disappearing into thin air! Introducing the unparalleled Magic of Craig Martin. From Nashville to Knoxville, Tennessee’s very own, Craig Martin, is now available to mesmerize your guests in the Marble City!

With over 20 years of experience, Craig Martin is an internationally acclaimed magician known for his polished style, awe-inspiring sleight-of-hand, and world-class showmanship. He’s the master of creating moments that will leave your audience spellbound and gasping, “How did he do that?!”


Don’t miss this golden opportunity to bring an enchanting and sophisticated flair to your event in Knoxville. Book the Magic of Craig Martin and let the wonder begin! 

Bring The Magic To Your Corporate Events in Nashville, TN

Studies have shown that humor creates a bond among people, and employees are no different. When your team gathers for training, sales events, trade shows, or holiday parties, getting them laughing can improve job satisfaction, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Craig Martin delivers a masterful and humorous magic performance, captivating his audience while seamlessly weaving in themes that are specific to your company goals. 

Give your clients or employees a memorable time that will energize and focus them on the mission at hand. 

Our Promises

100% CLEAN Entertainment

The Magic of Craig Martin is free from obscenity, crassness or any objectionable content. We guarantee it. 

True Professionalism

Craig is committed to an outstanding experience for all involved. He will work closely with you from start to finish, ensuring you are 100% satisfied with all aspects of his performance, from initial booking until he finishes with the show. 

Free demonstration to potential local clients

Craig would be happy to give potential local clients a sneak preview of part of his performance before booking.

Serving Business and Corporate Events in Nashville, TN.

Craig dazzles audiences at events across the Nashville, TN area. Here are some of the corporations whose employees he has delighted in the past:


I can’t say enough about how amazing Craig and his magic is! We had him perform at my company’s 50th anniversary party 2 years ago (~400 people) and I had him back at a management retreat last week (~80 people). Those who remembered him were so excited to see him back and those who hadn’t seen him before were equally blown away! We are an engineering firm and 80 engineers still couldn’t figure out any of his tricks. 🙂 Looking forward to having Craig at more of our events! 
Samantha Colasardo
Craig was amazing! This is the second time we’ve had him for a corporate event and he hasn’t failed to astonish us every time! You will not regret booking him! He’s fantastic! Kennedy Coopwood 
– Kennedy Coopwood

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