Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Craig different from the other magicians?

  • 100% CLEAN Entertainment
  • True Professionalism
  • You will always receive great customer service
  • I will always dress appropriately for your event.
  • 100% that my performance will be world class.
  • Nationwide availability

Is Magic your full-time profession?

Yes, I am a full-time Corporate Magician. Magic is my passion and my dream is to share smiles with people from all over the world. Your event deserves 100% of my time and the only way I’m able to give each event the respect it deserves is to devote my time to the art of magic.

Do you ever just perform close up magic?

Close up Magic is what I started with over 30 years ago. I really enjoy spending time with small groups and making everyone feel special.  My show will be customized to fit your requirements.

Do you perform for small children?

Yes and no.  I love children,I have a few of my own. I do not accept children’s birthday parties because I feel I’m not the right fit for small children. Many times, they do not understand the trick and I lose their attention. I am able to customize a family show that includes children, young adults, and teens.  What I would recommend for a child’s birthday party is a magician who specializes in children’s magic.

Can you provide references?


Do you still look like your photo on the website?

I hope so.

Are you able to help in the planning of an event?

I am always ready to help with suggestions from everything to the room set up, helping organize the flow of the party and recommending other vendors that would be appropriate for your party. I care about the success of your event as much as you do.

 What about costs?

I have a variety of shows for a variety of budgets. Please fill out the form on the contact page and Stacey will send you a proposal.



When it comes to magic in Portland OR, I have 30 years of experience with coordinating and planning and entertaining at events around the world. An extraordinaire slight-of-hand magic that will blow your mind!! Let’s make your awards banquets, trade shows, and company parties an unforgettable event.