Craig’s team building clinics can help you make your team stronger, more collaborative, and supportive. They are also fun and challenging. What sets Craig’s team building exercises apart from other corporate team building exercises is his ability to blend magic in with real-world scenarios. He expertly blends mind-blowing magic tricks with fun and challenging exercises, so employees remain active and engaged. At Craig’s team building clinics, participants always have a good time and come away with new skills for improving their team dynamic.

Craig offers an initial consultation to learn about your business or team’s specific event. After the initial consultation, Craig will design a custom workshop just for you. Craig is happy to customize the event to any budget or size group.

Depending on the size of your group, participants are organized into groups or small teams. Craig performs a magic trick, then each group or small team is asked to recreate the magic trick within a set amount of time with little or no coaching from Craig.

The teams are encouraged to come up with their own presentations and patter for the tricks. Participants must use creative thinking, communication, presentation, and problem-solving skills. These exercises often help participants and teams illuminate their own unique abilities and talents.


“Craig is a true professional! We have hired him 4 times over the past few years and he is ALWAYS a smashing success at our events! He comes prepared, his communication before/after is perfect, his personality shines through and everyone truly enjoys his magic. He has also prepared new tricks each time we’ve had him at a client event. He really is the highlight of our events! Thank you so much Craig for always being an amazing entertainer. You truly ARE Magic! “

– Sherine B.



When it comes to magic in Portland OR, I have 30 years of experience with coordinating and planning and entertaining at events around the world. An extraordinaire slight-of-hand magic that will blow your mind!! Let’s make your awards banquets, trade shows, and company parties an unforgettable event.