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For a touch of up-scale world-class entertainment, companies and event planners all over the United States call on The Magic of Craig Martin. Elevating events and creating environments that makes their guests rave has been his forte. Craig Martin has 30+ years of experience, delighting audiences through exceptional magic. His performances are 100% clean, professional, and respectful to all audiences. 

Stage Shows

Craig Martin has 30 years of experience honing his craft, delighting audiences nationwide with his smooth style of intriguing sleight of hand and unbelievable mentalism effects. He customizes his clean, engaging shows to the theme of your event. From corporate board meetings to client appreciation or private events, Craig incorporates the message you want to communicate into his magic presentation. Craig is committed to the success of your event and will go over and above to ensure your guests are delighted with his performance.
Whether he is pulling your business card out of an unopened wine bottle, creatively painting pictures of the clients logo, or adding a motivational message to his performance, Craig creates memories your guests won’t soon forget.

Strolling Magic

For more intimate gatherings, close up shows provide your event audience with up-close access to Craig’s magic, giving your guests unique
one-on-one experience that will leave them stunned and pleasantly surprised at Craig’s smooth style of sleight of hand. Ideal for formal or informal events, your top clients or personal guests, strolling magic takes a standard event, which has the potential to be bland and forgettable, and creates a lively, exciting vibe
that will make your guests feel appreciated and entertained. Craig will deliver an experience that will foster interaction among your guests, bring up the energy in the room, and transform an otherwise so-so event into something people will talk about long after they leave.


With smooth delivery, flawless sleight of hand, and jaw-dropping mentalism, Craig Martin literally and figuratively “brings the magic” that makes every event shine. For corporate events, Craig has the unique ability to customize his show to tie in a message, product, or service into his performance and convey that message to the audience. From corporate events to trade show exhibits, private events, and company team-building activities, The Magic of Craig Martin guarantees to provide an unforgettable experience for your audience that will drive home your event objective and make you look like a star.

Looking For Custom Events?

Do you have an event that needs a custom performance to communicate your company’s objectives or goals? Craig specializes in crafting custom performances, tailor-made to the needs of your company event. He works closely with each client, addressing their needs uniquely. Book The Magic of Craig Martin with confidence, knowing your guests will receive a world-class experience created just for them.


“Incredible, incredible performance! To this day, I’m still trying to wrap my head around some of the features of his show that left me absolutely in awe. He’s such a kind gentleman and you can really tell how passionate he is about sharing what he loves and bringing joy to those around him.His magic definitely draws you in and leaves you wanting more. Awesome show!”

– Olivia T.


Craig offers cost-effective, results-oriented and over the top performances. You never get a second chance to make a first impression – Book Craig Today!

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