Summer is officially here! 

Heat up the barbeque, break out the sunscreen, and don’t forget your favorite sunglasses. The Pacific Northwest summer is perfect for corporate outdoor events of all kinds: barbeques, picnics, camping, hiking, and your next company event. The happiness sunshine and blue skies bring is like no other, but if you want to make sure your company gathering is special and unforgettable, why not add a little bit of magic? 

HR departments often call me looking for a corporate magician to liven up summer picnics, annual parties, or summer team building events that have become routine and predictable for employees. Company events have to be inclusive, PG-rated, and on budget. That’s a killer for creative party planning, as any HR department knows. My magic is clean, entertaining, budget-accommodating, and can level up your team’s skills. Book now to bring some magic to your next company event. 

Craig is nothing short of amazing! Not only does he come across as incredibly humble, engaging and kind but his magic is like nothing I have ever seen! This is the second year in a row that we have hired him for our company’s annual Leadership Conference (ranging between 160-200 people every year) and both years he has managed to be the most talked about aspect of the three days. Our team even asked if we can somehow permanently hire him as an employee to do magic tricks around the office! We still cannot figure out how he does what he does – it truly IS magical. The best part about Craig is the way in which he presents himself to the audience. He has a warm personality and does a great job of connecting with those watching his magic tricks. I would HIGHLY recommend Craig to anyone and everyone, of all ages. He is truly one of a kind!”
Alicia Halpern 

Curious what a corporate event with a little bit of magic looks like? 

Here’s a peek behind the curtain of what goes into planning a magical team building summer soirée. 

The initial consultation 

First, we’ll meet and discuss your company and your event. One of my goals is to have every single employee enthusiastically participate and knowing the audience is the first step towards that. Once I’ve gotten to know you and your team, I’ll create a custom workshop just for you. No matter the size of your company or the size of your budget, we can create something that will turn your played out picnic into a super cool cookout. 

The event 

Everyone’s favorite question for a magician is “how’d you do that?” In my corporate team building workshops, I turn the tables and ask everyone on your team to figure it out. You’ll form small groups and after I do a magic trick, the groups will be tasked with figuring out how it’s done, recreating it, and presenting it. Picture it now: your desk neighbor masterfully manipulating a deck of cards to everyone else’s delight. 

The payoff 

You’ll see your employees and teammates working together: brainstorming, testing hypotheses, looking incredibly stumped, and experiencing collective excitement when they figure it out. They’ll be stretching their creative problem solving skills and strengthening their time management, communication, and presentation skills all while having fun dissecting a magic trick. They’ll never want to build a tower out of toothpicks and marshmallows again. 

Let’s add some magic Add Magic to your Corporate Summer Events! 

These team building workshops can help make your employees more creative, collaborative, and supportive. They offer a unique challenge your team probably hasn’t encountered before, transforming your regular corporate event into a special and memorable occasion. The summer is a perfect time to host corporate team building events and company retreats, so get in touch to add a little magic before the rainy season comes back and the barbeque grill gets put away. 


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